We carefully worked on door widths, windows, auxiliary counter heights, and hardware placement, etc. to make the cabinet heights feel more normal even though the ceilings are 10 foot tall. In the photographs this tricks the eye, but in real life, with people in the space as a reference point, the reverse affect takes place, and the cabinetry looks so spacious and so grand. It gives the feeling of a Kitchen Cathedral.

Of course, with our cabinetry the practical needs never suffer. A hidden side access pantry, generous tray and cutting board storage, professional range-top and ventilation, and a china cabinet are thoughtfully placed in the space. Lisa selected beautiful cremone bolts, and found a way to tie in the other side of the room by putting matching cabinetry on the far side of the table. She specified a stained interior and open shelving to help give this area a warm furniture feel while still staying connected with the kitchen cabinetry.