With its graceful design and layout, this family of 5 will get to enjoy the charm and usefulness of their kitchen for many years to come. Joyce was the driving force behind many of the attributes of this space, and that just made our job so enjoyable. Using our experience and then integrating the features and looks that she desired, helped us to achieve the perfect result for them. This kitchen has an eye-catching depth, with beaded inset frames, and a creamy ivory finish, giving a very authentic, deep look. The island, a corner cabinet, and a hutch were skillfully hand painted in heritage colors by Joyce herself, which added dimension to those pieces as well. Even when you stand ten feet away – not close enough to see individual brush strokes – you can tell that there is something about the finish that just exudes warmth.

We really found joy in working with this family to build and install a kitchen that fits both them and their home. So although we don’t get to live there where we could continue to enjoy the results of this collaboration, its nice to know a this new phrase “A thing of beauty is a joy in the moment” is also true.