For Wes Funk, it all started with a walnut tree on his father’s farm.

He helped his father cut down that tree, kiln-dry the wood into usable planks, then use them to build a bedroom suite. “To see those boards made into a piece of cabinetry just invigorated me,” Wes says.

Although Wes always loved woodworking, he considered himself a “jack of all trades” as a young adult and applied himself to masonry, mechanical work and construction. Those trades served him well, especially after he became a building manager at a Texas college.

Although he had previously worked as a fabricator at a kitchen manufacturer, it was in the Lone Star State that Wes built his first kitchen on his own. He was hooked, and the “jack of all trades” realized he wanted to excel at one thing: cabinetry.

Wes soon returned to Lancaster County and worked for a local cabinet shop. In 1992, he ventured out on his own and founded Wynwood Kitchens. “I did everything: designed it, built it, finished it, installed it,” Wes recalls of being a one-man-band during the company’s early years. “I enjoyed that because I like variety.”

Today, with a leadership staff, Wes is doing less of everything himself and is transitioning into the company’s director, as well as guiding Wynwood Kitchens toward more unique and challenging projects. “I’m still getting variety, but I’m overseeing it,” he says, noting that his new role also allows him more energy to focus on business integrity and long-term success. Wes praises team leaders Nate and Carl, and completely trusts in their abilities. He’s also excited by the way they’ve enhanced his own commitment to quality and how they thrive on the challenges higher-end cabinetry work presents, as well as the satisfaction they all receive in knowing they’re helping families improve the quality of their lives.

Wes’ philosophy: “At Wynwood, we take our talents and gifts in working with wood and combine them with our customers’ unique needs and dreams to create a one-of-a-kind living space tailored for them.”