Nate Brubaker’s life has come full circle.

The second-generation woodworker was born in Lancaster County and spent the first few years of his life in a house in Mountville, where his father started a custom-cabinetry business. When Nate was 6, his father sold the business and took the family around the world as a full-time builder for mission work.

Nate clearly remembers traveling across America, and living in Europe and New Zealand (where he eventually met his wife). He even spent four years residing at an estate that once housed England’s Duke of Portland and later, the Dukes of Somerset – a 17th-century fortress complete with turrets, tunnels and thick brick walls.

Today, he lives in the very house that once held his father’s business, but his experiences living abroad have opened his eyes to styles beyond traditional Lancaster County design. Working alongside his father in construction, framing, plumbing and electrical work have honed Nate’s engineering and design skills, too.

Nate began working at Wynwood Kitchens after returning to the United States. He has worked in all aspects of the business including layout, construction, fabrication, finishing and installation. Today, he specializes in management and design, where his natural abilities and love of people are even more apparent.

Nate has always loved the design aspect of the business – even as a young boy, he’d spend hours measuring wood and metal, and making calculations in order to perfect his hand-built coaster cars. Today, he applies that skill and passion to engineering solutions for customers unique living needs, desires and challenges.

Nate’s philosophy: “In many projects, the challenge is finding out how to merge the perfect function and the perfect look. I love finding creative ways to marry the two – form and function.”