Carl Ranck originally went to school to become a math teacher. But, he soon discovered that he liked working in a shop much more than working in a classroom.

“In my heart, I know that I need to be doing something with my hands,” he says.

So, during his college years, Carl poured his talents into jobs that required combining his math skills with material projects. He worked as a house framer and a handyman before discovering his talents especially stood out when building kitchen cabinetry.

A few years ago, Wes presented Carl with the opportunity to become shop foreman for Wynwood Kitchens. It was too good an offer to pass up, so Carl closed his business. “I’m quite happy here,” he reports, noting that he and Wes were once friendly competitors who even helped each other out on occasion.

Carl loves the fact that Wynwood’s clients bring an endless variety of design ideas and living spaces – and, like a good math problem, each living space requires different steps and equations that must be carefully thought out in order to reach the perfect solution. “I thrive on creating these unique pieces,” he says.

Carl’s philosophy: “Something I’ve always loved is installation. Seeing all the pieces joined to form the final result is extremely rewarding.”